Convert VM's to Different Formats

These are some personal notes for converting various VM types into others. Use these notes if you've built a machine from an ISO, OVA, etc and would like export it to use with with Virtualbox or VMWare.

Conversion process can be done with the built-in VMWare Workstation Player binary: OVFTool.

OVFTool Location

C:\Program Files\VMWare\VMWare Player\OVFTool\OVFTool.exe

Converting one image to another is as simple as calling the binary, providing the input, then the output.

For example you've built up a VMWare image and would like to export

.VMX to .OVA

C:\patoToOVFTool\ovftool.exe C:\VMs\linux.vmx C:\VMs\linux.ova

.OVF to .OVA

C:\patoToOVFTool\ovftool.exe C:\VMs\linux.ovf C:\VMs\linux.ova

Simple as that.